5 Minutes with Jesus (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Video series "5 minutes with Jesus" will help you walk out God's truth one scripture at a time. Truth and empowerment for your faith journey. | www.chamelevans.com

Hey Hey!  Pretty excited today to share a new video series "5 minutes with Jesus" that will help you walk out God's truth one scripture at a time.  I know that life gets super busy for us as we're working long hours, trying to cover all the bases on the Homefront, maybe chasing the kiddos, or pursing our dreams in the small spaces we can squeeze in. The HUSTLE is real my friends!

But it doesn't stop there! God didn't create us, love on us, or call us just to go through the hustle and busyness of life. We're suppose to celebrate the opportunities we get to experience Him, influence those He has called us to pour into, and boldly share His message and love into the world! That comes from being grounded in His truth! Believing the word and putting it into action. So through this video series, I want to encourage you to continue to press through the hustle standing on God's word and leaning on His promises. By doing so, your atmosphere, attitude, and heart will be transformed. 

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