Hi! I’m Chamel Evans and I'm the woman behind Chamel’s Creations! I strive daily to help women kick perfection in the butt and celebrate their faith journey -- partying for Jesus.  I am a wife to my high school sweetheart/best friend and mother of three handsome sons Braylon, Kaleb, and Cameron. I’m an Law and Order SVU watching (Tuesday marathons), Sprite drinking, and chocolate addict! I enjoy all things creative/DIY and considered by family and friends to be a "Jane of all Trades" LOL.  Music motivates me and gets me going  -- lover of zumba/dance classes and kickboxing.  I consider myself fun to be around and enjoy having a good time and dancing to the beat of my heart!



where it all started >>

I enjoy spending my free time with family, helping others, and anything crafty/DIY.  I have always thought of myself as a creative person and through the years have created many things for myself, family, and friends. This ranges from cake decorating, scrapbooking,interior decorating, beadery, and more. So I decided to share my work with others and started Chamel’s Creations. Initially, Chamel’s Creations was started as part-time handmade hair bow business while I worked as a Computer Scientist full-time in which many of my creations were showcased at local fairs and by word of mouth.  However, my ultimate desire for Chamel's Creations was to run my business full-time so that I could spend more time with my family, raise my children, and successfully run my own business that would help my family financially


God's Intervention -- my #faithjourney begins >>

It’s amazing and a blessing how God can turn things around in a split of a second and change your circumstances in order for you to seek and trust Him.  During 2011, my husband and I were in prayer about our careers/heart desires and moving closer to home (Mississippi) from Fairfax, VA to be closer to family.  At the time, we were expecting our second son, Kaleb, who was due December 2011.

July 2011, my husband was blessed with a job opportunity in Nashville, TN and our plans for me were to find a job and work until Kaleb was due. However, our little Kaleb decided to come at 25 weeks weighing only 1 lb. and 9 ozs ( look back at our journey here…..)  Can we say that OUR PLANS were totally off from GOD’S PLANS!  We had only been in Nashville for 1 month, a new job, one income, and a new baby (micro-preemie who spent first 5 months of life in the NICU)!  Our world was upside down….but through this journey I became stronger in Christ, I was praying more about God’s direction and will, and learning to be obedient to His Word.  What some may have thought was an impossible or a drastic life challenge, I counted it all as joy which had lead to me being home with my family, ability to care for my son Kaleb’s medical/therapy needs, and the opportunity to focus on my business and the push to pursue it full-time…what an amazing blessing.

the awakening -- more alive, more purposeful...

Because of my faith journey and learning to surrender to the will of God, He has awakened my spirit to really embrace and chase after Him!  I'm driven by His word and thrive off of serving and helping others.  God has definitely called me to encourage and be a cheerleader for Him and others.  Through the years, God has transformed me in so many ways and I'm so thankful for the stirring He has given me to use Chamel's Creations as a platform to help empower women through the word of God -- all for His glory.

Let's stand together as a generation of women who will no longer shrink back but celebrate our faith every day!  We have the power to change hearts, attitudes, and atmospheres through our daily walk and our fabulous accessories.  Just like music drives the party, our faith steers us closer to God and living the life He has called us to -- to be more alive, intentional, and purposeful.  Will you join in on the party? 

Many Blessings,