Transparency, growth, faith

The author of Effective Coparenting, a card carrying member of the Blended Family Movement, Chief Grow Getter and the Passionprenuer behind the Womans Reflection Experience.

I am on a journey to continually learn and grow, and even push through my struggles. I am choosing to fully enjoy this blessed life I have.

I am a transparent growth seeker.  I don't feel any other person should have to go through the same hard times I have if they are connected to me and sought out about it.  

My ultimate goal is to be a role model to my children and a good woman to my longtime best friend and husband. I strive to show my daughter what a good woman looks like, so that she can become her own version of one.  I want to model for my boys what they should be looking for when the time comes.

I live to show women my progress minus perfection.





Do you truly desire to step up your prayer life and have a space to do so?  This guide and video series teaches you how to formulate a personal prayer and mission statement, design your own war room, and create your very own prayer journals.





Faith is fused into my brand because faith is fused into my life.  My brand is an extension of me just like my babies, it was birthed from me.  My brand seeks to meet every woman where she is at and speak to her life, her struggles and encourage and empower her to grow into her very best self.




My attitude and approach is outlined and guided by Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. I feel that the Titus 2 woman is the elevation of a woman putting in Proverbs 31 effort.  Proverbs 31 is not just about being a wife, it is about being a good woman, and it doesn’t mean doing the exact things outlined in the verses.  I wrote a post about it here.


The most exciting project right now is the Move Mountains series.  I am sharing pieces of what it looks like when my husband and I packed up, quit our jobs and moved to a new state in pursuit of honoring God with using our gifts, creating a legacy for our family, and living life out to our fullest potential.  It can be seen on the blog, and my youtube cannel.

Currently the Effective Coparenting Workbook is available for sale to help women actively makeover their coparenting situations.

 Products are continually being added to the Reflection Collection Store as well.