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Monique Melton is a creative author, brand strategist, mentor and speaker. She encourages passionate women in business to embrace authenticity (all of who they are, what they want & the purpose for their life) & to develop real strategies to achieve their definition of success. Monique Melton believes that we all have a purpose and a light within us destined to shine bright. Yet many of us need the realignment of our passion, purpose, skills and talents so we can shine brighter & live a most fulfilling life. It’s the collision of those things that spark the focus and clarity we need to achieve our definition of success. Therefore, everything Monique does in her business is to turn up your bright & restore hope within you, your business and within community. 

She aims to dive deep and to connect with the heart of who you are, so you may regain confidence & clarity so your best authentic self is celebrated in your life and in your business. She is a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith, passionately committed & proud Navy wife. She’s a loving mother to two little ones. She has a BA in social science with an emphasis in Sociology & Psychology and two years of graduate school education in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She combines her 10 plus years of experience as being an entrepreneur in the beauty & wedding industry (performing makeup artistry, hosting a local talk show (Wedding Wednesday) producing bridal shows, facilitating networking meetings and much more) with her education and real-world experience, to provide comprehensive support & guidance.

Monique is the author of EntrepreFriendships, a book that uncovers the step-by-step process to building business relationships and earning business opportunities. She works with clients one-on-one and creates workshops, trainings and masterminds on topics pertaining to personal and business growth. She travels the country to encourage and support others in their journey of embracing authenticity and achieving their definition of success. She brings out the best in you! To contact Monique Melton for interviews, speaking engagements, training or private strategy support, you can reach her at E-mail:



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Discussion Topic - Balance & Productivity for a Woman of Faith - does it exist?


incorporate my identity, which is in Christ into my brand in how I talk, how I treat my clients, the way I offer services, the services I offer and the hope I have for our community.


Ecclesiastes 4:12 because it illustrates the importance of having people in your life that you can support and that can support you.


Shine Brighter Together which is a movement to encourage others to embrace diversity and build real community.