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Beholding His Beauty is the Christ-centered commission given to Brittany Batson to empower through ministry, music and creative arts. Underneath this umbrella, you will discover two subdivisions (Beholding His Beauty Ministries and Beholding His Beauty Incorporated) that are designed to illuminate God’s essence with an emphasis on worship, the Word, and outreach, as well as empowering others through products, resources and creative services. Beholding His Beauty is fueled by the power and aid of Holy Spirit and seeks to advance the kingdom of God with a multicultural measure of ministry and artistry. 

Beholding His Beauty Ministries is a 501 C-3 Organization

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I’ve worked with Chamel Evans on several creative projects and she has been extremely instrumental in helping me build my artistic career and ministry. Many of the visual elements that go into marketing and branding, she has helped to create and integrate and has been efficient each step within the process. I will definitely use her services in the future and would encourage the same for anyone looking to take their dreams to the next level.
— Brittany Batson
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