Hey Friend!  Thanks so much for taking the quiz and I understand overwhelm, feeling guilty and frustrated, and running around ragged trying to be and do everything while striving to squeeze a bit of God in your schedule. And I totally get how the "superwoman" attitude has left you depleted. But see, you were called to shine in this world and light up the hearts around you with God's love. 

Sheilluminates was created with you in mind and I'm truly thankful for God's vision to empower Christian women of influence -- moms, daughters, best friends, single parents, wives, creatives, artists, engineers…who are on a mission to walk out God's truth and light.

Women who seek a deeper level of faith, creative application, and accountability. Simply put it, sheilluminates is a support system. We talk about the real things — and we value transparency, honesty, and vulnerability.


We mirror to each other what we need most — grace, not perfection.

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