You matter to God.  

You are a one of a kind woman whom He loves with His everything.

Polka dots, gold glitter, creative patterns can work together with the good news of the Gospel to change your life. To change the lives of people around you. To change atmospheres, attitudes, and hearts.

By putting His word in your life in an intentional way by the things you wear and the clutches you carry, you are inviting His truth in to transform you.

Because just one glimpse of truth can change everything.  We know that.

You can express that faith that I know burns in you and be stylish at the same time.

You can actually use the things that you wear to be a form of praise.

You can change the world around you by bearing God’s truth.

You can set reminders in your life of how much you are loved and anchored in Him.

Together, we can love God back with our everything.

Together, we can serve each other better.

Together, we can change the world.