Can't Eclipse God's Truth - 3 Scriptures to Shine God's Light!

Just like you have to wear special glasses to view the eclipse so that it doesn't hurt your eyes and to get the full viewing, you too must put on your glasses (God's truth) and see through the darkness and let others see God in you!   God's word will protect you, it will change your character, it will change how you see others, and it will empower you to walk out God's love. Change begins with us -- change begins when we let God SHINE!

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3 Ways to Fight Spiritual Fatigue

Have you ever felt your spirit growing weary? Could God just move right now? 

Have there been moments in your spiritual walk where you felt tired or like you've just hit a wall -- a plateau?  

You've been praying, studying, worshipping, and nothing seems to be changing. Friend, we are all bound to come across spiritual fatigue

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