Mirror Grace -- Not Perfection

By grace, our shortcomings of yesterday don't dictate this new day to walk closer with God.  Yes, sneaky perfection my try to find it's way to still our joy, but not today because we are women who operate from a place of grace.  

Gift Truth This Mother's Day - The Faith Source Shop

Hey Hey Friends!  Super excited to share that I've re-opened my shop - THE FAITH SOURCE SHOP.  When I first started this journey in 2012, I was solely sewing and making products (branded under Chamel's Creations) showcasing scripture and inspiration to help women wear and share their faith.  And over time, God has grown me and my brand to include mentoring women and creating Biblical infused resources to help them grow in their faith journey.  Truly blessed to be walking out my purpose!

Impact the World as a Woman of Massive Influence

I share throughout this space, on social media, and in my videos the concept of "made for more" and I started wondering if you really understand what this concept means?"  The idea was sparked during my personal study time with God during a season when I felt like I struggled with my identity and trying to balance everything around me.  The word MORE kept coming up and I realized that God was calling me to greater and that started with standing in my role as a woman of influence.

Ministry through Music :: Set a Fire

So you probably know that this space of mine is a reflection of my heart and passion to encourage, equip, and empower women to live anchored in their faith while illuminating their God-given influences in their homes, businesses, and communities.  I can't share enough the importance of growing in our faith journeys so that we can experience lives full of abundance and freedom -- God's way!  

Why Spiritual Fitness is so Important?

Are those faith core muscles tight? Friend, it's probably safe to say that you've had your ups, downs, and some plateaus on your spiritual journey with some moments mixed with joy, peace, resistance, and stagnation.  That's all part of the journey.  You are learning how to let go of your ways, thoughts, and actions to align with the will of God.  Day by day, He is molding you to be an amazing woman of faith and with that comes obedience and cultivating your relationship with Him.