Women using their gifts and talents to impact their home ministry while radiating the definition of a Christian creative.  Women celebrating their uniqueness, women empowering other women, and women celebrating community over competition.


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Elder Danielle Matthews is a young woman of virtue, honor, and integrity. Most importantly, she is a servant of God. She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and as a result of Hurricane Katrina, moved to Houston, TX, which she affectionately calls her “blessed place”. Danielle has served in ministry in various capacities.

She is a young woman, saved, single and sold out for Christ. She has accepted many speaking engagements to minister to young woman who have been counted out by the world and have experienced hurts physically, emotionally and spiritually. She received her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Southern University in New Orleans, La in May 2007. Her most recent accomplishment includes founding a very popular women’s ministry called, “praypretty”. She conducts weekly conference calls, offers one on one coaching and aims to teach and empower young women to be “Pretty”, even with flaws using the tools of prayer, self-evaluation and consistent transformation.  Elder Matthews’ legacy in life and ministry is simple, “May the works I’ve done speak for me”. Among her many accomplishments and accolades, the one word that stands out to reflect her life is: Worship, as she is a worshipper and desires to dwell in the presence of God.





ABC's to conquering Fear

Have you found yourself in a really good space? Enjoying your career, loving your family and embracing the person God called you to be, when suddenly a series of negative thoughts pop in your head? These emotions and thoughts stem from fear.  Uproot fear today and learn the ABC’s of conquering fear.


It takes faith and a strong relationship with God to stay true to the mission that God has called me to in the midst of so many opportunities to take my brand in different directions. I allow faith to keep me grounded knowing that I don't always know the direction that I may need to take or the connections to make, but I trust God's plan and I move according to his lead through Holy Spirit. Quitting my job was so scary and it still can be overwhelming but I rely on faith to take me outside of what I see and I focus on what God says!



Psalm 91:1

Because it teaches me how to position myself to truly receive God's provision, power and purpose for my life.


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