an encouraging gift box filled with Christian and inspirational

handmade/handpicked products and surprises. 


You can express that faith that I know burns in you and use encouraging products as a form of praise.

You can change the world around you by bearing God's truth.

You can set reminders in your life of how much you are loved and anchored in Him.

Because just one glimpse of truth can change everything.  We know that.

Together, we can light up our hearts and others with God's love.

Together, we can fuel every part of us for the Kingdom's calling.

Together, we can change the world.


How much is the #faithfuelbox?

Boxes start at $24 and include U.S. shipping with tracking. International orders, please email for direct invoicing.

How does my Box make an impact?

A portion of your box's proceeds will provide a #faithfuelpack to moms of preemies being cared for in Nashville's local NICUs. Each #faithfuelpack includes a faith art print, bookmark, journal/pen, and candies.  Not only will your box fuel your faith journey, but you will give God's truth, love, and encouragement to moms patiently caring and praying over their little miracles.  Just a glimpse of God's light can change lives!

What are other ways the Faith Fuel Box can be used?

Boxes make great gifts of encouragement and can be customized for your event.  If interested, please submit inquiry here.

  • Bible study groups, retreats, or ministry events
  • Women conferences for participants, speakers, etc.
  • Masterminds or business/meeting events
  • Client welcome or thank you gifts
Faith Fuel Packs for Moms in the NICU |
I opened my Faith Fuel Box and received inspiration, encouragement and well... Just felt pampered. Thank you Chamel for your obedience to the Lord and hug of encouragement.
— June


@chamelevans has done it again! #faithfuelbox #pray #prayer #prayitforward

A photo posted by Maggie Richard (@margaret_leigh)

I am so proud of my friend @chamelevans for her new subscription box!! I just got mine in …
— Nora Conrad (@NoraConradCom)
"Receiving your #faithfuelbox today was exactly what I needed! It is filled with so much love, and I cannot thank you enough for the time and love that you put into this box!" - Margaret
I was so excited to get the #faithfuelbox in the mail - it was exactly what I needed to pick me up last week! And it was fun to see my branded items inside from both Legacy Loft and my Christian blog, @honey.and.grace ! 
Thanks again to my friend @chamelevans for putting together these boxes and for letting me participate!! - Lauren
A few weeks ago in the midst of sick children & a discouraging situation, I was blessed with this box of love!!!!!! There were so many special treasures packed inside. Thank you so very much @chamelevans You have no idea how much this box of encouragement has ministered to me already 😌💕 #faithfuelbox - Amy

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