Women using their gifts and talents to impact their home ministry while radiating the definition of a Christian creative.  Women celebrating their uniqueness, women empowering other women, and women celebrating community over competition.


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Enigmatic, bespoke, creativity

Sasha-shae is uber passionate about the world of design, and even more so passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and bible based health principles. As a Visual Design Strategist, her goal is to allow her tribe to create visual solutions that connects them with their ideal market. Sasha-shae was born in Jamaica, W.I and now currently reside in NYC. She loves modern glam, but enjoys the simple things in life. Her business Fresh Medley Designs Studio aims at educating, and empowering wedpreneurs and creatives to stand out online and off. | Web Design + Branding | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogazine




To be honest, for a long time I was so afraid of infusing my faith boldly into my business brand, but how I do it is by sharing on social media whatever thoughts/scriptures, etc I can. I also have a dedicated blog focused on sharing devotionals and more. My goal is to have my life be so reflective of Christ, that without me even saying so, people will just know I am souled out for Jesus!


2 Timothy 1:7

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I love this verse because for so long in my life I was crippled by fear, and in doing so I was letting the adversary rob me of my gifts, rob me of the power Jesus has freely imparted to me. This verse reenergizes me and reminds me that, whenever I feel afraid, that's not God! Instead I ought to tap into (by prayer) the power (ability to overcome and press forward), the love (the pure unadulterated truth and compassion to love like Jesus loves), and a sound mind or my determination and perseverance, because Christ already won the battle and my race isn't swift, but for me to endure till the end.

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Future and expectations for your brand

In the very near future, I want Fresh Medley Designs and my own personal brand to ooze Jesus, design and love. In that I mean, I am looking forward to merging them all in one space, because essentially that's at the core of me, and what fuels me. For my biz I plan to really target even more christian entrepreneurs within the creative and wedding pro spaces.

Special News

My signature package is open for booking. A new brand + website, tailored to convert and attract your tribe. -Visit to learn more about we can work together to bring your business visions into a reality that yields results.