EP #013 - Keeping Your Tank Full


Charissa Moore and Chamel chat about the need to trust God and surrender themselves in order to fulfill their calling. However, owning the emotions we feel and praying about them with others will help lead us to do what is needed each day. Keeping our tanks full will then help and serve others the way they need to be helped.

Show Notes:

1:53 Chamel introduces Charissa Moore to the show.

3:44 What does it mean to “show up”?

5:15 What does keeping your tank full mean?

9:03 How we can get to know who we are?

12:45 Let go of how the story ends.

14:29 Use gratitude to help focus on the day to day

19:55 How can you be fruitful if we’re running empty?

23:43 Allow yourself to be led.

27:48 Are you trusting the Lord?

30:00 Noticing your emotions and verbalizing is the first step.

32:59 Reach out to someone you can pray with.

35:53 Connect with Charissa


Connect with Charissa

Charissa Moore is passionate about helping people trust themselves. As a mentor for those struggling to hear their own internal voice, she has spent nearly a decade speaking about partnership, resilience, femininity, and the power of a healthy mindset. She brings a rich background in Holistic Therapy, natural medicine, and intuitive wisdom to her clients in every session. You were not put on earth to play small -- Charissa is here to help you hear your inner voice, and trust yourself to act on its wisdom.

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