EP #015 - Allowing Your Pain To Be A Platform For Jesus


Chamel chats with Danielle Matthews as she speaks of the trauma and trials she endured while keeping her eyes on the Lord. Hear how she overcame her difficulties through the power of God’s grace and love. She offers powerful prayer tips to help you in your difficult season and encouragement on how God transforms your pain to share His light.

Show Notes:

2:00 Chamel introduces Danielle Matthews.

3:36 Danielle’s ministry “PrayPretty” encourages women to pray.

4:54 Danielle’s trials and traumatic event.

8:50 Leaning on God at times of trouble.

11:02 Leaving pride and becoming vulnerable.

14:00 The more you grow in Christ, the enemy comes in hard.

19:05 Pray to hear from God.

21:25 Danielle’s 3 tips to prayer.

28:12 Connect with Danielle.

Power Verses Mentioned: Psalm 119:28 and 2 Corinthians 12:8-10


Connect with Danielle

Elder Danielle Matthews is a young woman of virtue, honor, and integrity. Most importantly, she is a servant of God. Her most recent accomplishment includes founding a very popular women’s ministry called, PrayPretty. She conducts weekly conference calls, offers one on one coaching and aims to teach and empower young women to be “Pretty”, even with flaws using the tools of prayer, self-evaluation and consistent transformation.

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