EP #017 - Finding Support - Working with a Faith Mentor


Chamel chats with Emerald Lavender of Pineapple Pen to discuss how women need to find support in a faith mentor or a person they can trust to journey through difficulties in business and in their home life. They talk about acknowledging the season of life they’re in, how to identify emotionally tough areas of life, and how taking action is absolutely needed. Listen in!

Show Notes:

1:45 Chamel introduces Emerald Lavender.

3:22 How did they cross paths?

4:00 First step is to acknowledge we need help.

7:00 How Emerald reached out to Chamel and talks about her mindset.

10:00 Sometimes you just need some perspective.

11:50 To the lady listening with all the roles in life…

14:05 What happens when you’re not filled with God’s truth?

16:00 Why you need a faith squad!

17:00 Check your mental health.

18:35 Take action and get support.

21:35 Why you need an accountability partner with faith in God.

22:30 Truthbomb

26:00 Closing out - Acknowledging where you are, identify areas you need help with, and take action.

People see what you do but God sees WHY you do it.



Connect with Emerald

Emerald is a copywriter and owner of the Pineapple Pen which partners with brands and helps develop their content strategies to increase product sales and build customer loyalty.

Website       |     Instagram


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