EP #020 - Starting Over with God


Have you been consumed with life and left God behind the scene? Today’s guest, Kaisha Huguley, shares her challenges of focusing on God while embracing a long distance marriage as she pursues an acting career and running a business.  Kaisha story encourages us to let go of the guilt that comes with feeling disconnected from God but focus on accepting that our relationship with God may look different along the way.  Be encouraged that God is always there with welcoming hands and savor the change and growth in drawing closer to God.

The season may change but God remains the same
Feel the fear and do it anyway
— #truthbomb | Kaisha Huguley


Connect with Kaisha

Kaisha is the CEO/Founder of Kai Hugs & Company, LLC, a company dedicated to helping individuals bring their creative projects to life.  Kaisha is an actress, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, & blogger.



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