December - Let's Adore Him! favorite time of the year!  The season to celebrate Christ's birth, spend time with family and friends, serve and help others, and my birthday month!  My goal this month is to reflect on our Savior and adore who He truly is! (Not just what He does....)  I want the adoration that I feel to be reflected in every aspect of my life as I prepare for the upcoming new year and season! I'm thrilled to see what God has planned....dream.set.go!


[my #faithjourney]  Spend intimate time with God through prayer as I allow him to navigate and help me plan for 2015.  Seeking His direction for some family, business, and ministry decisions.  I'm also praying for God to help me release anything that isn't helping me to grow spiritually so that these things will not go into 2015.

[self-care] I've slacked on my workout routine and holiday feasts aren't helping.  Planning to ease back into my routine.  I've had a few medical issues to come up these last few months, so need to slow down and take care of me! (Will share more soon...)

[the biz]  With the hecticness of October/November, I wasn't able to complete all my biz goals which really made me reflect on my biz structure.  With God's direction, I want to use this month to reevaluate my business, set goals, and prep for 2015.  Super thrilled about 2015!

[me+fam+life]  I'm so excited to start decorating and preparing for Christmas and will enjoy these fun times with my hubby and boys!  My 32nd birthday is December 5th and I'm planning to enjoy and have fun this week! I believe there is a "fun/celebration" day with my hubby, birthday dinner with family, and a few other fun things lined up!  I can't wait.....

What are your goals for December?  Why do you adore Him?

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