Faith + Style no.1 - Graceful Summer

Who says faith and style can't work together?  I'm excited to start a new blog series to share my new passion for style/fashion and incorporating it in my life in an intentional way to express who I am and the love I have for my God.  Join me and share your #faithStyle and invite the TRUTH in the every day with what we wear and carry!  Fashion and the good news aren’t meant to be opposite. They work together quite well. That’s what Chamel's Creations is all about. 

No. 1 - The Graceful Summer look is an awesome mix of color and comfort.  Enjoy summer days and be reminded of God's grace by layering basic pieces with fun accessories.  Who doesn't love a little polka dots, gold, and bright colors....all meshed together for your colorful spirit.  Achieve this look on a budget...don't you just love frugal fashion?

1. Free Spirit Leather Wrap Bracelet by Alisha Nicole

2. Denim Shorts by H&M

3. Jersey Top by H&M 

4. Grace & Polka Dots Wristlet by Chamel's Creations

5. "Strut Your Stuff" nail color by Essie

6. Straight & Narrow Necklace in Gold by Alisha Nicole

7. Strappy Sandal by H&M