dream.set.go - August edition

It's dream.set.go time.....August edition!  Envisioning where I want to be, setting solid attainable goals, and kicking butt being in action! This project is about taking baby steps to reach dreams and staying accountable.  So here's to August's goals:

[my #faithjourney] Continue my navigation through the Jonah study by Priscilla Shirer, commit to more prayer time daily for the renewing of my mind and God's direction, and complete "The Resolution for Women."

[self-care] Focus on being healthier...continue workouts (T25/YMCA), drink more water, and attempt a healthier diet. :)' Striving to drop 8 lbs and build my endurance...goal to run a 5K...no stopping!

[the biz] Commit to blogging 2x weekly and work on new resources/service..coming soon..can't wait to share! Start early prepping for the holiday season!  Brainstorming holiday products, marketing efforts, and so much more.  Super excited......

[me+fam+life] We're back on the grind!  Praying to ease back into our family's day to day routine  with school, work, therapies, etc.  Hoping to incorporate a better cleaning and meal-planning schedule.

Let's make August amazing....season of new beginnings....

What are your projects and goals for this month?