A Grateful Heart + Linkup

On Monday, I was super excited to come across Betsy's blog over at Heavens to Betsy and I enjoyed reading her post about a grateful heart.  Her post was part of the linkup hosted by Ember Grey and it was a blessing to see other women of God expressing their faith and heart.  So yep....I decided to join in and I'm looking forward to connecting with this linkup.  God is so amazing and He is using us all to be a mouth piece for Him.  Will you share your gratefullness?

Today, I'm thankful for.. 

God's amazing love and for helping me to grow into the woman of God He has called me to be.

My loving, hard working, and God-fearing husband Marcus.

The two boys that run me ragged, yet show me so much love. :)' Love you Braylon & Kaleb!

The joy and the peace that I'm feeling right now! 

This partly cloudy day - God's amazing power! Cloudy one second and sun the next! 

God's plan - He is opening doors and sending blessings my way!  Look out!

Grateful Heart Linkup with Ember Grey

Would you like to link up and share what you are grateful for?  Join and link your post over at Ember Grey (link-up is open until Friday...you have time :)'