Hello October - It's [project] dream.set.go

September Recap

[my #faithjourney] Commit to a.m. prayer time with God and learn to focus and mediate.  Enjoyed time with God and His peace but haven't started a new study series yet...definitely need my committed study time.

[self-care] I must get my water intake in and take vitamins.  I want to start incorporating yoga into my workout schedule!  Also aiming for a little "me time"....striving for two pedicures this month!  Doing awesome taking my vitamins and need to revamp my workout schedule so I won't get bored...tried yoga twice...will be doing it more.  I also accomplished one pedicure this month...and a manicure..super proud of myself!  Ahhh..me time...forgot how that felt! :)'

[the biz] Continue to prep for the holiday season: write out goals, compose a schedule, and start working!  It's going to be a blessed season!  Be consistent with blogging this month..again!  Hoping to connect more with other bloggers and work towards growing my little space.  Also, I can't wait to attend Mint & Mingle hosted by House of Bliss and Everyday Orange and learn how to write better copy and design for my biz. Super thrilled that I'm making progress for the holiday season: purchased packaging/shipping supplies, working on marketing plan and holiday products....this will be a great year!  As for blogging this month, not as consistent as I like but I pressed through, still working on balancing things...but will be making some changes soon...can't wait to share. Mint & Mingle...OMG...pure awesomeness....read my blog post here.

[me+fam+life] I'm currently leading the kids ministry at church and working on weekly lessons that are fun and will help kids learn about God's love and servant heart.  This month is also my husband's birthday, and I looking forward to our date night/bday celebration.  (Can't wait...)  Enjoyed family time this month and spending more fun days outside in the nicer weather, celebrating my hubby's birthday, and serval pizza/movie nights!  Kid's ministry at church was awesome this month and the kids really enjoyed the new layout and lessons.  

October Goals

[my #faithjourney]  Starting a new study "He Speaks to Me" by Priscilla Shirer.  In addition to the study, I will be fasting & praying the second week of the month.  Looking forward and anticipating to hear God's direction.  

[self-care] This area is definitely a priority and striving to stick to working out consistently, taking vitamins, and eating healthy.  My boys will be going on fall break soon and so blessed that my parents will be watching them for a week.  This means...."me time"!  Planning a girls day out with my cousin and looking forward to pampering myself and fun times!  

[the biz]  Super excited about my biz goals this month!  Pretty busy lady around these parts: prepping for boutique sales, craft shows, and the holiday season!  In addition, I have a new project that has me so excited and full of joy...just can't wait to see how God moves through me!  So I'm working hard to put key elements in place as I work to make this dream come true! (I can't wait to share...will be sharing snippets soon!)

[me+fam+life]  Looking forward to planning family fun festivities this fall season and enjoying the cooler weather together!  Hubby and I are striving to have two date nights this month and to just embrace being together and keeping our marriage alive! 

How will you make October thrilling?

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