Hit a lot of Pot Holes? Are you calling for a realignment?

Don't you just hate it when it's time to take your vehicle in for servicing?  When we do, sometimes the mechanic may explain that a realignment may be needed.  This is the process of assuring the wheels are in align and properly position so that your vehicle will run and drive correctly.  The causes for this type of service can come from many miles of wear and tear or even an abrupt collision that has thrown your vehicle's wheels off.  So we know that this service isn't cheap and surely cost more than a typical oil change.  If you're like me, you hate hearing that your vehicle needs in-depth services...in my mind that equates to more $$$$$$. :)'

So have you ever thought that just like your vehicle, you may need a realignment as well?  Doesn't life causes a lot of wear and tear?  We can take it another step further and ask the question, don't you cause a lot of collisions and damages?  WE SURE DO!  We all can use some adjusting and that is why God's goal is to revive and realign us.  God does this out of love and through His correction.  Sometimes I've wondered if God is punishing me or allowing things to turn my world upside down.  The good news is that God isn't out to punish us but He does want to correct us and set us back straight.  His goal is to align and properly position us to do His will.

Just like the repair shops, being aligned with God comes at a high price.  This price is our willingness to be obedient to His direction.  Many times, His discipline will be uncomfortable and hard. The cost also includes working hard, denying ourselves, letting go of our plans, and committing to prayer to align with His will.  This full engagement allows us to completely surrender to Him:  ready to be realigned....ready to pursue His purpose....and ready for more mileage!

Don't let fear or the cost of a realignment keep you from God's best.  You're safe in the hands of the best mechanic known!

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