Behind the Biz - Customer Spotlight no.2

Happy friDAY!  Today I'm so blessed to be featuring Danielle, founder of Praypretty, a women's ministry to teach and empower young women to be "Pretty", even with the flaws using the tools of prayer, self-evalution, and consistent transformation.  PURE AWESOMENESS!  We met via Instagram and I so love her mission and her passion to see others succeed!  I hope you all enjoy todays customer spotlight and connecting more with Danielle.

Why do you love your product (s) and how has it encouraged you?: I love my bracelet because of the beautiful colors and because of the time and passion that was involved in creating it.

What has been your biggest struggle in your faith journey?: Trusting God when every sense of normalcy is suddenly turned inside out.

What advice would you share with someone in regards to this same struggle?: CLOSE your physical eyes and open your spiritual eyes. It may not be easy. You may want to quit, but be encouraged to know that if you are going through it, you can handle it. Evaluate your circle, your connections, and begin to shift your mindset. Let go of unfruitful relationships and fall in love with the word of God DAILY! Feed your spirit with the word and your strength will begin to be sustained daily.

Connect more with Danielle at her website and on instagram @ipraypretty

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