dream.set.go - March '15 edition

March is already here!  Super excited about spring - season of newness, growth, and refreshment!  For me....it's all about getting refocused!  Looking forward to revamping this little space of mine to be more intentional, more purposeful, and more alive!  March has great things for Chamel's Creations!


[my #faithjourney]  Starting Lara Casey's "Make It Happen" book this month.  Looking forward to this great read as I'm striving to make some awesome goals happen this month!  Striving to dig deeper into scripture this month...maybe start a reading plan! :)

[self-care] Planning on enjoying some down time while the boys are on spring break this month. This momma plans to get a massage + mani/pedi.  I can't wait....

[the biz]  March is going to be awesome for the biz!  I've spent the last several months in prayer and resting....Chamel's Creations will be re-lauching on March 16th and I can't wait to share all the goodies I have plan! YAY!  Having fun seeing God's blessings in my life....

[me+fam+life]  Did I mentioned...we are expecting baby #3! LOL  The Evans family will welcome our third son, Cameron, late May.  We are super thrilled and can't wait to meet him.  Plan to do a little prepping and nesting before his arrival.  Striving to show more love to the Hubby and boys and create some special moments!