dream.set.go - November Edition

"I can't fight the feeling anymore!"  Have you felt that explosive emotion deep down inside of you where you knew that at that very instant, you were created for more?  Of course you're thankful and content with were God currently has you but you have that fire down inside of you that says He has more!  

Well friend, I've been having that feeling for quite some time now but I tried to ignore it, suppress it, and here and there entertain it.  But what I was missing was not fully surrendering my emotions and this passion 100% over to God.  My last dream.set.go post was in September and I intentionally made October a month of rest and stillness to hear from God. I shared details in my last post that during that time of stillness, I reflected on my purpose and my "why".  This month is all about releasing the more that is inside of me and chasing after God and my calling.  Expecting God to move in November!


1  |  Be persistent and consistent with my QT with God.  I'm chasing after God because His word says that when I seek Him first and His righteousness, He will do the adding.  I desire to be more bold, confident, courageous, and fearless as I strive to be an awesome woman of God, wife, mother, friend, and entrepreneur.  I will commit to my daily prayer (in my war room) and study time with God.

2 | Focus on home ministry. My husband and I will start a joint prayer and study together and I'm looking forward to this time and know God has great things to come for our marriage and family.  We're also committing to staying on top of our home chores as well as making more one-on-one time with the boys to boost confidence, work on learning activities/reading, and show more love and support.  Lastly, our family is striving to be more healthier by incorporating healthier meals and working out.

3 | Transition to Chamel Evans - The Brand.  I'm chasing my calling to change the lives of women - to change atmospheres, attitudes, and hearts for the glory of God. I desire to help women fuse their faith with their lifestyles, and looking forward to offering valuable resources to help women celebrate their faith journeys.  I will spend November making changes to this space that speaks to  my purpose and passion.  It's going to be good...can't wait!

What is the "MORE" you're releasing in your life and how do you plan to chase after it in November?