#herjourneyHerBRAND - Celebrating Faith Bosses

Stand in your story + dreams + passions.  It's your journey and it's your brand. | www.chamelevans.com

When we think of brand from a business stand point, we think about the purpose, goals, and character of a business. If we step back and view our stories, dreams, and passions, they are a reflection behind who we are, our values, and what we stand for.  My new series #herjourneHerBRAND is about sharing the community of faith bosses.  

We each have a story and a journey, and it's my heart desire to connect and share the stories/brands of these amazing women of God.  When it comes to branding, it's all about being cohesive and this is the blend of our personal lives and entrepreneurship.  Let's celebrate and support where we are and where we're going together.  

Chamel Evans | Faith Champion + Handmade Shop Owner | www.chamelevans.com

3 Words that describe you/brand:

Faith, Family, and Encouragement

Woman behind the brand:

Wife of 9 years to my high school sweetheart, mom of three boys who are 7 and under, encourager, creator, and lover of color and dancing. Excited about waking up each day to use my gifts, talents, and time to do the will of God and help others know and experience Him.  More about my story and journey here.

Your brand - vision, values, and promise:

Vision: To change the lives of women -- change atmospheres, attitudes, and hearts for the glory of God.

Values: Stand and live in God's truth, all efforts will glorify God, empower and encourage women, provide support and resources to women to grow their faith journeys, create seasonal/limited collections of Christian handmade products, and use resources to support mission work.

Promise: To serve women who seek to express faith in a lifetime of special moments and they can count on me to glorify God in all my efforts and serve others through exceptional services, support, and products.  Not only will women be able to grow and share faith and look stylish at the same time, they will cultivate a new atmosphere, attitude, and heart to make a difference in their lives and others.  My clients and customers matter to God and they matter to me.

How do you fuse your faith with your life/brand?

God is everything to me and I strive daily to be guided by His Holy Spirit and the word in my personal life and business.  My brand is all about helping women fuse their faith in their lifestyles. Through my daily time with God, I use lessons learned and scripture to encourage and inspire through social media, blog posts, emails, products, etc.  At the end of the day, we were created to love God, live like God, and build His kingdom.  I will celebrate this calling and enjoy the journey.

Future and expectations for your brand:

I'm stepping out in faith and chasing after my desire to be a faith coach, mentor, accountability partner to women who need help and actionable resources for their faith journeys.  I started this journey creating handmade Christian products (hence name Chamel's Creations) and I'm not saying that I will never create products again, but God is calling me to do more - to help women know and experience Him.  I'll be transitioning my business under my name and this new season is going to cause me to come out of my comfort a WHOLE lot but I know deep inside this is my calling.  

Upcoming news, promos, etc.:

Excited about my upcoming free offers for those currently and new subscribers of my emailing list.  Would love for you to sign up and get first dibs.  I'm also putting together limited quantities of gifts sets and "buy 1 bless 1" products from my shop. My next round of products will be Spring 2016, so be sure to be on the lookout for some awesome gifts and discounts for the upcoming holiday season.

Looking forward to sharing 1 - 2 features per month.  Are you a #faithBoss or know someone who is and would like to be featured, click button below to be considered for a future feature.