Red cup vs the Real Cup of Jesus!

Starbucks red cup verus the real cup of jesus - Let's make noise about the Savior vs what's on the cup! |

So there seems to be a bit of a controversary over this year's Starbucks' red cup and to be honest with you I haven't paid much attention to it up until this point. [The Holy Spirit is always on time :)] About a week ago, I picked up a cup of my fav Starbucks drink and briefly noticed that it was red, in time for the holiday season--that was all I thought about it.  Only until a week later, I noticed all the commotion on social media about people boycotting the company for taking Christmas away in regards to the new design.  

Through this situation, the Holy Spirit reminded me of just how far our society (the world) has drifted from the true meaning of Christmas.  Lets be truthful here, since so many people are disappointed about the red cup, let me ask the question - why aren't we all talking about the real red cup -- the cup of Jesus, the blood that was shed for us?

At communion, Christians drink of the cup as a symbol of Jesus' blood. It was His blood that saved us from our sins, His blood that was shed to bridge the gap to God, His blood that allowed us to experience God, and His blood that made way so that we could live and have life.  Guess I'm preaching to myself! Lol But I don't hear people talking a lot about that and blowing up social media and hash tagging.

It's time to wake up people and unite for the real cause to spread the word of Jesus Christ and build the kingdom of God through our daily walk.  Yes, many are upset that the Starbucks' red cup isn't in the Christmas Spirit; however, it does check our motives and hearts.  Why do you celebrate Christmas?  Is it all about the gifts, time off, holiday food, etc.?

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus which led to the saving of our souls through His blood shed at the cross.  Let the commotion of the red cup remind you of His love, grace, and mercy and allow His light to shine bright for the world to see. 

Will you crave for Jesus this holiday season?