It's the Big Day - More Blessings | More Dreams | More Hearts on Fire for God

Today is re-launch day for Chamel's Creations!

I've been prepping and anticipating this day for some time now and my heart is on fire for all the goodness and grace that is about to blow up in this season and space!  I have to stop and give honor and glory to my Father in Heaven because this is all Him working in and through me.  I'm so excited to have taken much needed rest to completely surrender myself, dreams, and life over to Him and this journey is going to be amazing!

Want to know the best thing about all of this excitement?  That YOU are here with me and I'm thrilled that together we will live more alive, more intentional, and more purposeful as we seek hearts that are on fire to serve God with our everything!

So what's new around here?  Great question!  After many months of prayer and self/biz evaluations, I desired for my little space and time here on Earth to be meaningful and impactful.  I decided to revamp somethings so that I could truly serve women around me.  Not only will women have the ability to express their faith through Christian handmade products but also be encouraged through my new faith empowerment services (faith coaching and workbooks) to grow in their #faithjourneys.

Isn't that awesome?  When I say we are about to have fun celebrating our faith in the every day, I mean it!  Our faith journeys weren't meant to be boring, but a party--a celebration of each day we surrender more to God, each day we let go and be transparent, and each day we wake up chasing after our dreams and lives to be free! WHOOT...WHOOT!

Because we are partying all week, join in the celebration and share this goodness with your family and friends.  Here's how you can join in:

>> #1 << Join the #faithjourney community (FJC).  This is the place to be!  All my exclusive content, resources, and so much more will go to this community of women!  You don't want to miss out.  Join now >> 

>> #2 << Click to Tweet: Need a tribe of women on fire to express faith in the every day! Join us today at #chamelscreations - so much love! 

>> #3 << Enter the lovely re-launch giveaway below: 

Thanks again for being here with me!  Our journey together is going to be amazing!  

Are you ready?  What are you looking forward to the most?