3 Ways to Living with MORE Contentment!

Does life and the things of this world cause you to want more?  Having occasional feelings of not being grateful and satisfied?  If we're honest, we can find ourselves in these "feelings" from time to time!  However, we have the power to check theses "feelings" and move forward in life -- to a life that is filled with more contentment and truly treasuring what's in front of us.  I hope that these three tips will help you along your journey.


As followers of Christ, we aren't in control of the plans that He has for us.  His plans are already pre-planned! YEP!  However, we do have control over our responses and in the case of being content, we can check our attitudes right at the door!  When you feel yourself desiring more or sensing a shift in your feelings or emotions, remember that your attitude is everything.  Ask God to strengthen you in this area and renew your mind and spirit!  If you don't watch out, Satan will use any little space you give him to kill, steal, and destroy....and we aren't having that!  So check your attitude!


Shifting your attitude will allow you to be more thankful.  God is the giver of all things but He just doesn't want you to seek His hand, but His face!  Show God thankfulness and gratitude as you reflect back on all His blessings and provision!  Have fun celebrating too.  Share your testimony with others, have quiet time with Him in prayer, or listen to your favorite praise & worship song.  Remember, God deserves ALL the glory and praise!  Let your thankfulness be known.  When you are grateful for the small things, He will bless you with His Best!


Question...why would God give you more if you don't embrace what you currently have?  Having more isn't always a good thing!  You may find that in certain situations that "more" brings on more chaos, stress, worry, fear, etc.  I've learned through hard lessons that the more you have the more you want. Can we say discontenment and dissatisfaction!  So slow down, breathe, and truly embrace what is in front of you now.  Are you making the most of your family or friend time, enjoying the current place you're living in, embracing the woman you are in front of the mirror?  God stated in Matthew 6:34, "therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself, sufficient for the day is its own trouble" (ESV). Celebrate NOW!  

Like to share more tips on having more contentment?  Let's grow together!