dream.set.go - April '15 edition

It's April already?  The first quarter of the year has passed...OMG!  Well, I'm thrilled that April is here and it's spring time, to let the old go and bring in the new!  Warmer weather, sunshine, birds chirping, and fun times outside.  As we enter into the second quarter, I'm excited about this new season--a time to reflect on things I've accomplished, lessons learned, and moving forward to new transitions in my life.  It's all about taking a STAND for who I am and where I am in this moment and truly embracing it.  It's time to dream.set.go!


[my #faithjourney]  Starting Lara Casey's "Make It Happen" book this month.  Looking forward to this great read as I'm striving to make some awesome goals happen this month!  Striving to dig deeper into scripture this month...maybe start a reading plan! :)  Moving a little slow through "Make It Happen" - it's truly a good read...just need to make more time!  I slacked on my in depth scripture study and do know it's time to make some deposits in my spiritual bank!

[self-care] Planning on enjoying some down time while the boys are on spring break this month. This momma plans to get a massage + mani/pedi.  I can't wait....  Had an awesome time with my Hubby while boys were away..much needed couple time and we even got a massage and foot reflexology in...ohh goodness!

[the biz]  March is going to be awesome for the biz!  I've spent the last several months in prayer and resting....Chamel's Creations will be re-lauching on March 16th and I can't wait to share all the goodies I have plan! YAY!  Having fun seeing God's blessings in my life....  OMG!  The relaunch was such a success and my heart was overwhelmed by all the love and support!  Still a lot of learning and growing to do, but looking forward to it--one step at a time.

[me+fam+life]  Did I mentioned...we are expecting baby #3! LOL  The Evans family will welcome our third son, Cameron, late May.  We are super thrilled and can't wait to meet him.  Plan to do a little prepping and nesting before his arrival.  Striving to show more love to the Hubby and boys and create some special moments!  I'm truly blessed with an amazing family and we have had so much fun together doing the simple things.  We're excited that we've made it to 31 weeks....9 more to go! Yea baby...Cameron will be here soon.


[my #faithjourney]  Remember to let go and stand in the moment!  Trust God through the process.  I plan to focus my attention on my prayer life and start a scripture reading plan to keep me consistent in the word of God.  Looking forward to reading "Make It Happen" outside while I enjoy the warmer weather.

[self-care] I'm getting close to being full-term and I would love to pamper myself this month as I prepare to become mommy of 3.  I'm planning to schedule a full spa day-massage, facial, mani, pedi, and whatever else I can squeeze in! LOL  I can't wait!  I'm also making room in my daily schedule to just relax and breathe--to refresh my soul in the quietness and in God's presence.

[the biz]  Now that the website, copy, and new services are ready and just awesome, I want to spend this month working on marketing and connecting with my target market.  I also plan to get a few things in place before I take my maternity leave in May :)  oh....this month, I'm launching the new "BE" box - Chamel's Creations surprise subscription service to support adoptions, missions, and other charity events that are centered around making an impact and serving those in need.  Be sure to check it!

[me+fam+life]  Maintaing balance is definitely a goal for my family this month.  My son Braylon is starting baseball, so our schedules are pretty full with games and practices.  Since our little Cameron will be arriving soon, I would love to tidy up a few things around the house this month.  I'm simply looking forward to cherishing the small things and loving on my family.