Belly Bump Checkin - 34 weeks

Super thrilled to be at 34 weeks -- 6 more weeks to go!  Hopefully!  Well...we are praying that Cameron will wait as long as possible, this little boy seems ready to enter the world! We had a little hospital scare early Monday morning (April 13th) with the start of contractions!  Yep--contractions coming every 3-4 minutes and at 1 cm -- OMG!  

Thankfully, we were able to stop contractions with meds and fluids through an IV.  Because of my past premature history and only being 33 weeks at the time, the doctors decided to give me the first dose of a steroid to help with his lung development.  We returned to the doctor the next day for a follow-up where I received my second steroid and I'm currently holding at 1 cm.

To be honest, I'm at peace about it all!  Yes it's a scary situation BUT my God!  That's all I can say! He has brought me through this before and my God is able to do it again!  I'm praying daily that we can get closer to 37 weeks but I'm trusting God's plan and timing.  My goal these next several weeks are to continue to take it easy, rest, and enjoy the journey.  When God is ready...we'll soon have little Cameron here and I can't wait to share pictures of my little bundle of Joy!  Here's to 6 more weeks!