dream.set.go - May '15 edition


[my #faithjourney]  Remember to let go and stand in the moment!  Trust God through the process.  I plan to focus my attention on my prayer life and start a scripture reading plan to keep me consistent in the word of God.  Looking forward to reading "Make It Happen" outside while I enjoy the warmer weather.  God has reminded me of so much in April.  I found myself starting to become overwhelmed with all of the things and tasks on my plate.  However, I stepped back from it all and just let go!  Standing in God's word and promises -- Breathe Chamel!

[self-care] I'm getting close to being full-term and I would love to pamper myself this month as I prepare to become mommy of 3.  I'm planning to schedule a full spa day-massage, facial, mani, pedi, and whatever else I can squeeze in! LOL  I can't wait!  I'm also making room in my daily schedule to just relax and breathe--to refresh my soul in the quietness and in God's presence.  Enjoyed several pedicures and a manicure this month!  I used to think that I didn't deserve or that other things took priority over me (self-care), but I'm having fun taking care of me and making time to love on me.  It feel so good!

[the biz]  Now that the website, copy, and new services are ready and just awesome, I want to spend this month working on marketing and connecting with my target market.  I also plan to get a few things in place before I take my maternity leave in May :)  oh....this month, I'm launching the new "BE" box - Chamel's Creations surprise subscription service to support adoptions, missions, and other charity events that are centered around making an impact and serving those in need.  Be sure to check it!  So thankful for the great feedback of the "BE" box and looking forward to making a few adjustments, but know that the service will be a blessing to many.  Blessed to see an increase in orders for the Faith Journey 101 Workbook and the Mother's Day promo (Anchored in the Lord necklace set)!  It's amazing to see lives changing -- for the glory of God!

[me+fam+life]  Maintaing balance is definitely a goal for my family this month.  My son Braylon is starting baseball, so our schedules are pretty full with games and practices.  Since our little Cameron will be arriving soon, I would love to tidy up a few things around the house this month.  I'm simply looking forward to cherishing the small things and loving on my family.  Embracing this season in my life!  So proud that I'm not allowing the shift in our schedules to shift my attitude and it's been fun to hang out more with the family!  Must say that I've been doing a lot of nesting in preparation for baby Cameron and so blessed that my hubby is being patient with me and providing the muscle work! LOL  We have 4 more weeks to go! YAY!


[my #faithjourney]  I'm focusing in on my marriage this month by working through Wife After God with my sisters Chantel, Jasmine, and a few friends/followers.  Home is my first ministry and my marriage must be a priority!  My life and marriage is about transformation and allowing God to mold me to an awesome woman and wife.  So excited to show my hubby more love and to grow closer!

[self-care] I'm looking forward to spending a little girl time with my cousin Courtney and friend Brittany before the baby's arrival.  Hoping to get my hair trimmed and styled, as well as another mani and pedi.  (You can tell I enjoy those mani/pedis LOL)

[the biz]  I'll be using May and June to get refocused and organized while on maternity leave. Praying to learn how to effectively market my biz and make some adjustments to my processes to help my biz flow better for me and my customers/clients.  Striving to build more relationships and network more!  Looking forward to the growth!

[me+fam+life]  Super excited to meet Cameron soon and to hold my little bundle of joy!  Praying for a smooth and loving transition for my family.  

What are your goals you're running towards in May?