dream.set.go - August '15 edition + I'm Back!

Is it August already? I'm running a little behind but time is flying!  Well, you've probably noticed I've been MIA for a few months and I've missed pouring into this little space of mine.  However, my little vacation was much needed and an awesome season of blessings and rest!  My family and I welcomed our third son, Cameron, on May 20th weighing 6 lbs and 13 ozs and sharing the same birthday as my oldest son Braylon.  Isn't that amazing - What's the odds?  So we had a lot to celebrate for sure.  Our little big bundle of joy is doing great and is such a blessing to us.  As for our transition, it has been tough at times with late nights, no sleep, running around like zombies, and trying to spread love and time everywhere! whew - exhausting but I count it all as joy.  My journey has had some ups and downs as I worked through baby blues, having more responsibilities, and finding balance with family life and my business/ministry.  I'll be sharing more details soon but I must say that I'm so thankful for God's never ending light, grace, and support from family and friends.

So moving forward, my break has allowed me time to get focused and really prioritize the important in my life.  My main purpose and priority in life is my home ministry - growing as a woman of God and being an awesome wife and mother!  With that being said, I'm looking forward to being more intentional and focused in my home life and will weave in my other passions (business, ministry, etc.) amongst my priorities.  I'm looking forward to spending more time chasing after God and His light and when I do that I know that everything else will fall into place.  I've been guilty in the past of doing the opposite - weaving God into everything else and finding that things weren't quite right.

I'm back and more focused!  I know that my journey will have some bumps along the way, but I'm excited to see what God has in the future.  It's my prayer that through my personal journey, God will mold and shape me to be a better me - for my family and for those He has called me to minister to.  I'm expecting great things and I hope that you stick around to embrace the journey with me.  Here's to stepping closer to my purpose and dreams - chasing after God's light each day!


1  |  Be consistent with my QT with God in the mornings.  Continue to increase in my prayer life and implement my prayer strategies.  Renew my mind and spirit constantly! 

2  |  Be consistent and intentional with family schedule - bible study, house/chores routine, boys school/behavior routine, workout routine, and making marriage a priority with communicating daily, encouraging one another, and having date nights!  

3  |  Reevaluate communications strategy for Chamel's Creations, showcase Chamel's Creations at Saved in the City conference in Huntsville, AL (August 22nd), and brainstorm new freebie for mailing list subscribers.

What will you chase after this month?