Being Still - While Everything Else Is Moving!

In constant motion - that is exactly what the world around us pushes.  To always be busy, on to the next great thing...moving!  Not to discourage you that living our daily lives, chasing after our dreams, being involved in various activities is bad, but from my past experiences I've realized that there are seasons when we must BE STILL and REST!  

Haven't you recognized those feelings of being tired, overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted?  And you can pretty much map them to the movement in your life?  The concept of stillness and rest was so important to God that He commanded the seventh day of creation as the Sabbath - holy day of rest.

So if God made time to rest, shouldn't we? I get it - you're juggling a long lists of things to do, but you are missing the joy and peace that was promised with your journey if you’re not making room to be still and allow room to hear from God.

Establish the Sabbath principle in your daily walk by incorporating these helpful tips:

1 | "Just sit yourself down somewhere!"

Words I've heard from my grandmother on a few occasions!  LOL She is absolutely right - sometimes we must halt everything and our urge to be busy!  Exodus 14:14 states "the Lord will fight for you, and you have to only be silent." Look at the importance of the order within this scripture - 1) the Lord will fight and 2) we are to ONLY be silent. You see that when we make God a priority, He will take care of everything else!  All we have to do is BE STILL!   

2 | Focus on God and not everything else around you

I'm so guilty of comparing myself, family, and biz to others and it's a daily routine to remind myself that we each have our own journeys and purposes.  The key is keeping our eyes on God and trusting His plans and timing; when we do so, we allow Him room to be God and direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).  There is so much going on in our society that can easily distract us, but Romans 12:2 simply says to "not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." It is key to train ourselves to focus on God first and when we do so we will see a shift in our atmospheres, hearts, and attitudes.  All for the glory of God!

3 | Position yourself to rest and hear God

Currently, I'm on a mission to lose baby weight so I've positioned myself for success by going to the gym several times throughout the week and eating one less Oreo LOL.  The point is taking a position mentally and physically.  In regards to resting in God, we also must take a spiritual position to hear from Him. Habakkuk in the Bible was determined to hear from God, he positioned himself on the watchtower waiting patiently for God to move.  He took his mind off of his ground level circumstances and focused solely on God.  Positioned and Ready - we have to do the same.  

You no longer have to conform to our society's push to be on the move or on the grind 24 hours.  Instead, hustle for God and allow space in your life to sit in His stillness and allow Him to be God.  Be intentional and purposeful about making time of rest whether it be a particular time of quietness during the day or removing activities or tasks from your schedule to spend with God in prayer and study.  God so wants to overflow in your life, but He also wants to be priority! Be still my friend and know that He is God.

Leave a comment below and share how you incorporate stillness and rest in your life.