Staying Motivated When You Can't See Your Dreams Through The Fog + Worksheet

Do you every find yourself becoming frustrated or doubtful when things aren't turing out as you've planned.  Maybe it seems like you're floating further away from your dreams and hearts desires versus propelling yourself to your abundance. The path is foggy - you think you're getting closer but the dim covering that life obstacles bring pushes you further away into the unknown.  I've been there recently, questioning my purpose and the influences I have on others in life.  Whining to God about being stagnated, confused, and down right doubtful!  I needed encouragement - I needed motivation! 

Last week on Instagram, I posted a #faithbites image with the one word "FOCUSED".  I shared how I took my eyes off of God and was in tune with my own abilities.  Because of this, I found myself becoming doubtful, angry, and frustrated with how my circumstances weren't the way I wanted them to be. This mind set stemmed from comparing myself and business to others, being overwhelmed with new responsibilities with a newborn, and allowing things out of my control to bother me.  I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit reminded me that I wasn't in control and that I must stay focused on God and press on towards my dreams. It was just the motivation I needed to shift my atmosphere.  So how can you stay motivated when you can't see your dreams through the fog?  Here's three great tips to push your through:   

Tip #1 | Stand in God's Truth

There is a reason for the word!  God knows that there will be foggy days in our lives, and that's why He gave us the comforter, Holy Spirit, to remind us of His truth.  The Bible is jam-packed with promises and these key fulfillments are great encouragement and heart motivators to remind us of the power and strength we have in God.  Strive to incorporate time in your schedule to read, learn, and stand in God's truth.

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

Tip #2 | Put Dreams into Action!

It takes faith, determination, and passion to reach your dreams!  Remember faith without work is dead, so you must do your part.  Tackle your dreams by focusing on one at a time.  It's so easy to become overwhelmed, but try to focus and be consistent with one dream, one goal at a time.  Be intentional and purposeful while working through your dreams and breakdown to simple and actionable steps that you can complete daily or weekly.  Strive for progress and not perfection!

Tip #3 | Speak life to the unseen/unknown

There is power in speaking into the atmosphere.  Your current circumstances may be clouding up your pathway to your dreams, but don't allow them to discourage you and shift your mindset.  Speak to your situation as it will be and not as it is! Proverbs 18:21 states that there is "death and life in the power of the tongue.."  If the word isn't enough, I challenge you to speak affirmations throughout your day or week, and experience the transformation - a shift in your atmosphere, attitude, and heart.  

So now that your heart is refreshed and ready to pave way towards your destiny, download the free worksheet below to help step you through these three tips and put your faith into action.  Enjoy!