dream.set.go - September Edition

Fall is already upon us....moving into cooler temperatures, transformation of leaves, and for me a time to press deeper into my purpose, dreams, and hopes.  This time of year is always great to regroup and refocus on the priorities in my life.  I'm so anticipating all the great things that God has in store and the fire He continues to stir in my heart as I choose to passionately embrace my role as a woman of ministry, wife, mother, friend, and business owner.  It's my goal this month to continue to be intentional and consistent in all my efforts - my purpose! To make progress towards my dreams and celebrate the journey with God.  Life is a beat.....and I just want to dance to it!


August was a great month and I'm proud that I stayed focused and really just stepped out of my own way and embraced what was in front of me!  So enjoying my study of fervent prayers with Priscilla Shirer and it's amazing how being consistent and in tune in my prayers has helped me so much!  Celebrated my son Kaleb's 4th birthday and he had a blast at his minion madness party.  This was his first birthday party due to his NICU journey-we never got around to having one, so we had to make his 4th amazing and it was.  In addition, the boys have started school and I introduced a command center where we keep all important info/schedules, homework work board, and family tasks and it has worked out well with keeping us organized.  As for Chamel's Creations, God has stirred my heart about a lot of changes and amazing plans for the future!  I must admit that there are times that I'm overwhelmed with it all, but I step back and I'm just filled with joy and can't wait to see how God moves.


1  |  Celebrate Me - I'm turing 33 in December and I've decided to complete 33 goals by my birthday and will end the challenge with a fun birthday weekend celebration with my sisters.  So this month I plan to have my list of goals and have several of them completed!  This is going to be fun!

2  |  Complete a few tasks on my biz's running to do list - create and update website with my new subscribers freebie, make and ship all wholesale orders, start on holiday marketing plan, and outline first workshop. 

3  |  Love.Help.Serve - Love on my husband and plan a birthday date night for him, help my cousin and sister with their wedding planning/preparations, and serve a stranger in need (lend a listening ear, buy lunch/gas, etc.)

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