3 Ways To Stay On Track When You're Not "Feelin It!"

1 | Press Pause and "Whip"

....and watch me "nae nae" LOL - the song is addictive!  There's nothing like playing a little music to change the atmosphere.  I love music and dancing and I find that when I start feeling overwhelmed or in a rut, I like to shake a few moves and just get my mind in another place!  It's a sense of freedom and an awesome expression to just let go and allow the music to drive you.  Before you know it, your heart is dancing, you're allowing positive vibes to flow, and you're ready to tackle any obstacle.  Try it - turn on your favorite song for a few minutes and see how your atmosphere is changed!

2 | Evaluate Your To Do List

If you're like me, I have a never ending to do list!  However, instead of looking at your list as tasks unaccomplished, have a praise party and celebrate the tasks you've completed.  Even the smallest things need to be celebrated because in due time they will lead to bigger achievements.  Once you're done partying :), evaluate your list and choose 1 goal and breakdown into 2 - 3 smaller tasks that you're able to achieve within 24 - 48 hours.  Get to work and remember that it's progress and not perfection!  You got this!

3 | Make "TRUTH" Reflecting a Priority

So what's truth reflecting?  It is the act of recalling and mediating on God's word - the TRUTH!  When I find myself in moments when I'm just not "feelin it", I like to reflect on God's love and promises.  Truth reflection is an instant shift mechanism that allows you to take your mind off your current circumstances and refocus your attention back on God.  The promises throughout scripture will remind you of God's love, power, strength, and His ability to do all things.  And because you're a child of God, you can stand in His truth and watch the Holy Spirit guide and direct you.  You're sure to get back on track when God is in the driver seat - remember to let Him lead.

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