Be like MC Hammer and Tell Satan - "You Can't Touch This!"

MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" was the jam back in the day and if you don't watch it, I'll still bust out doing the typewriter now! LOL So what does that have to do with my faith journey Chamel? A few days ago, I found myself just BUSY & OVERWHELMED - trying to do it all from entertaining the kiddos, house chores, cutting and prepping fabric for a sewing project, writing a blog post, outlining an upcoming e-course, and reviewing my running to do list! much and I slowly started to feel the "shift" - the change in my attidude that was taking on stress, doubt, and fear.  I didn't want to do anything anymore...not even spend time with my family.  I rushed off to my room and jumped in the bed - not wanting to be bothered and frustrated.

I'm so glad that I'm growing daily in my #faithjourney, because the Holy Spirit reminded me that what I was feeling and thinking about wasn't of God - it was Satan.  He was at it again, to kill, steal, and destroy.  I started talking to myself and calling out affirmations and promises from the Bible - yep...I'm not crazy!  It's called speaking into the atmosphere.  There is power and movement when you speak God's truth into the present.  You do realize that the trick of Satan is to steal your joy, peace, and self-control.  But you no longer have to give into his strategies.  Take a stand my friend no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be.  Grab this free printable to remind yourself to tell Satan - "You Can't Touch This!"  When you do, you will be sure to do the typewriter all over his tactics and experience the awesome power of God.

Which affirmation is your favorite and why?  I would love to hear from you....