Hello New Space - Fire, Heart, and You!

Welcome to Chamel Evans - For women who are on fire to infuse faith in their purposes, lifestyles, and dreams through 1:1 mentoring and accountability.  You were made for more...journey with me! | www.chamelevans.com


Welcome to my new space that is filled with more fire, more heart, and the place to find more of you! I'm thrilled that you're here.  You're probably wondering "What is going on with Chamel and all the changes?"  Let's just say that I'm more focused and clear about what this space means and what it will provide.

2016 and moving forward is all about standing in my why -- to know and experience God and help others do the same.  I'm on a mission to change lives of women - to change atmospheres, hearts, and attitudes for the glory of God. [I'll share more details soon]

What I know you need:

  • You desire a deeper level of faith and guidance on how to develop your faith core.
  • You need transparency, accountability, and support.
  • You seek clarity and help to form strategic goals and habits to blend your faith with every area of your life.

Whatever you need may be, know that I'm here for you and will help you to be your best - God's best!  So stick around and journey with me as we infuse faith in your purpose, lifestyle, and dreams.