What 2015 Taught Me [Growth For My Faith Journey

How growth in 2015 changed my biz and my "why" - helping women infuse faith in their purposes, lifestyles, and dreams. | www.chamelevans.com

We're well on our way into 2016 and if you're like me you're probably head deep into setting goals and striving daily to chase after your heart's desires and dreams.  The other day while working through my #powersheets, there's a section about lessons I've learned from what did work and didn't work.  I went to town on that sheet with my colored pens and realized that 2015 was a big year for me - full of blessings, some hard times, and so many transforming events that pushed me out of my comfort.  When I reflect on it all, I see that even in the midst of it all when I didn't understand, God was working EVERYTHING out for my good!  For that, I'm so thankful for the journey.  So I wanted to share a few of the big lessons I've learned:

My priority is God and my Home Ministry. 

Even though God is calling me to serve women in their faith journeys, He has first called me to be His daughter, wife, and mother.  On many occasions, I found myself running so hard to help others and achieve goals with my handmade shop (Chamel's Creations), that I lost focus on my relationship with God and my family. Through the Holy Spirit's stirring and direction to establish more rest and stillness, I began to see growth in my relationship with God (digging deeper in the word, praying, and seeking direction for my purpose) and growth in my communication and love for my husband and children.  I still have work to do, but I'm in a better place - more clarity and focus.

Be Me and embrace the journey

I struggled a lot last year with trying to be perfect in everything from my role as a wife, mother, friend, and business owner.  I had many battles with fear, comparison, doubt, and frustrations and I allowed this emotional roller coaster to spill over in my life.  To be honest, I felt as if I was chasing after someone else's life, ambitions, and dreams. God reminded me that He created me uniquely for His purpose and to be a mighty woman of influence. Spending 1:1 time with God helped me to realize my true worth and to extend myself grace that God has given me so freely.  In 2015, I learned to love me for me.  I accepted who I was in Christ and how to shift my perspective to stay focus on Him - to truly embrace the journey.

shifting is powerful

You will hear me speak about shifting a lot around here because it's a powerful concept. Learning to shift my atmosphere, heart, and attitude revealed so many breakthroughs and blessings in my life.  The biggest shift for me was truly surrendering to God and His plans.  This change opened my eyes to God's purpose for my life - my WHY.  God has called me to know and to experience Him and help others do the same.  I'm moving forward with this calling by ensuring that God's light is revealed in my daily walk and using my gifts, time, and talents to help women infuse faith in the purposes, lifestyles, and dreams.  Standing in your WHY and being obedient to God will require you to disrupt your comfort, the question is how far are you willing to go?

2015 was quite the year for me and I know that moving forward I can truly trust that every obstacle or blessing that comes my way, it's to draw me closer to God and His plan.  I'm heading into this year with more expectancy and a heart that's ready for MORE - God's best!

What major lesson did you learn from last year thats helping you to be better in 2016?