March Intentions

Cultivating what matters and living intentionally with Chamel Evans |

This year, I set a goal to live more intentional and as we make our way into mid March, I wanted to share some insight on what I'm doing on the home front, biz, and everything else in between (...and share monthly - wink).  I get that the struggle of balancing it all can be a bit crazy and I know for me, the enemy tries to hit me hard in this area causing me to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and doubtful.  But hey, I'm thankful that God has been stretching me and showing me my "mental triggers" I like to call them - the mental obstacles or attacks that causes me to have this crash and burn state of mind.  So I'm saying no more to all of that messiness and I've been intentional in using resources to help keep me grounded and move me forward in being the best version of myself -- for me, my family, and everyone that God has called me to touch.

Goal sharing for me is about transparency and accountability.  I share all the time about how we have to move forward in faith and part of that process is getting clear on what matters (what God desires) and focusing on the small steps to achieve that.  I know that life happens, yet it is important to stay flexible and that's why I like to look at goal setting as being "intentional".   You're saying, "God here is the list of things that I feel led to do and it's my prayer that you will guide my every step so that I can live on purpose and intentional as YOU see fit!" I pray that my intentions inspire you along your journey.  Let's get it ... 

My March intentions

  • Selfcare: 

    • Must have my QT with God daily & speak daily affirmations to myself in the mirror!
    • Make my physical health a priority: committing to T25 workouts (down 5 lbs) and better eating habits (reduce the chocolate!)
    • Mani/pedi with a girlfriend
    • Check my #powersheets tending list and breakdown goals into 3 simple daily tasks - progress...not perfection
    • Fun craft times with my new Cricut 
  • Home Ministry:

    • Create unplugged time with my Hubby and boys.  Enjoy family fun times and 1:1 time.
    • Declutter my closet - living with less is more + be a blessing. 
    • Fun date night with the Hubby (Musical or Baking class ... let's see :)
    • Weekly budget meeting with Hubby and continue to pay-off debt and "tell our money where to go". 
  • Business:

    • Record [10] videos for my upcoming Youtube channel - yay!
    • Work the plan for revamping and merging the Faith Fuel Box + sheilluminates - it's going to be good!
    • Connect and collab with some amazing biz owners for upcoming projects.

    • Continue to pray over every single prayer request submitted and send encouraging texts/emails/DMs.
    • Send out the first round of "Sparks of Truth" Love Mail and prep work needed to continue for the upcoming months.
    • Send some happy mail to my sisters (Dissertation completed and a Birthday).