Lessons Learned from Launching sheilluminates

Lessons learned from launching sheilluminates - reflections of a faithboss | www.chamelevans.com | faith mentoring and spiritual resources/products for the woman of faith and influence

Whew...it's been 4 weeks since I took that step of faith and launched sheilluminates.  Time goes by so fast, but you know when you're in that moment where you're questioning everything and choosing to take that leap into the unknown -- time really seems slow. [...like Matrix slow LOL] You have all the time in the world to stress, worry, and doubt yourself when it comes to launching or trying anything new.  Have you been there?

Well, I know for sure that God had been tugging at my heart about taking the next step to growing an intimate community.  A community of women who were ready for change -- ready for a deeper relationship with God, ready to push through their discomforts and be vulnerable, ready to radiate their power of influence, and ready to dig in and do the work to walk out His truth and light in the everyday.  But I was like how God?  What does that look like?  Is there a need?  [Side note:  Isn't it crazy how we question God like He's not the one in control...that knows all and sees all.  The one who provides provision for the vision.  Like DUH...]

I must admit that I sat on the idea for awhile because I told myself that there were so many communities already doing similar things and a whole lot of Facebook groups already.  I felt overwhelmed from thinking about it and comparing myself.  As it turned out, launching sheilluminates wasn't just about creating an amazing sisterhood and resource library for Christian women, but God was also teaching me that the journey of obedience to the blessing is just as important as the blessing itself.




From the initial planning to the details to the special edition Faith Fuel Boxes I sent out to celebrate the launch, God was revealing so many revelations and lessons I needed for this current season on life.  God used that time period to stir my heart on things I had overlooked and even tucked away.  I'm truly blessed by the love and support shown for the community, for the amazing ladies that are participating, but must of all, I'm grateful for the lessons that I've learned and still working through today.  Lessons that humble your heart, lessons that push you out your comfort, and lessons that point you back to God.




1 | you can't come to the battle half dressed

Ladies, Paul wasn't sharing to put on the "WHOLE" armor of God in Ephesians 6 just to add an extra word. LOL  Paul meant that you needed all the pieces of the armor to fight off the enemy.  Let's just say that from my first prayer about sheilluminates, I've been under attack constantly and I must admit that I had some tough days where I just wanted to throw in the towel.  Simply put it -- MY FAITH WAS TESTED!  I allowed the enemy to distort my perspective causing me to doubt, compare, and operate under my own strength.  Why?  Because I came to the fight half dressed!  Paul warned us that we were up against principalities and against the rulers of the darkness. There were days I was strapped with the belt of truth and others running without my shoes of peace.  

Friend, when you are striving to live right and do God's will, the enemy is coming to attempt to kill, steal, and destroy.  Yep...attempt!  The enemy has no power and Jesus has already defeated him.  But our job is to "put the suit on" and wear ALL of it at ALL TIMES.  We can't get caught up in the assignment that we put God on the sideline.  God must stay in His rightful position and that's FIRST.  In those moments when our flesh wants to rise, that's when we elevate God by standing firm, fully dressed, and ready.


2 |I'm not the community...I'm part of the community

I share all the time that I struggle with perfection or trying to live up to this Superwoman persona I've created in my mind.  Trying to be all things, to all people, at all times.  When all that does is bring on the pressure to have it all together and to be perfect!  I questioned God about why He wanted me to lead a group of women when I felt like a hot mess most times.  But God reminded me that even in those messy moments, He was there and His grace was there all along.  Even though God was calling me to lead this community, He reminded me so sweetly -- "Chamel, you are part of the community!"  

I'm on this journey too and God is using my story to touch the heart of many women to mirror His love and light through my struggles, my blessings -- my testimony!  It's like I had a wake up call and was reminded that there isn't some "arrival" point on the journey, but we are constantly evolving and blossoming into amazing women of faith and influence.  Sheilluminates is a sisterhood of women embodying who we are in Christ and declaring that we will live being anchored and led by our faith. We are on a journey to grow, to be stretched, and to experience God's full abundance and freedom -- together!




3 |just show up anyway!

As an entrepreneur, there's plenty of formulas out there about all the steps you should take to run your business and launch your products and services.  Don't get me wrong, it's some good information out there but I've had times where I felt stagnated due to content consumption and "what you should do".  As a faith boss, I had to learn that the world's view of business doesn't always work for me.

After getting the final details in order for sheilluminates, the site ready, and resources completed, I didn't have time to get a marketing game plan together -- to have all my social media scheduled, blog posts ready, and xyz.  Honestly, I contemplated several times to hold off on the launch until 2017.   

But here’s what the Holy Spirit shared - move in obedience!  Many times God isn’t focused on the end result, but more on the process of what He is taking you through.  For me, God wanted to see would I just do it — show up no matter what…even if it was standing alone!  Even though I didn't have a strategic marketing or content plan in place, I moved in faith and launched sheilluminates anyway.  I showed up anyway and I’m so glad that I did!



I’ve learned so many lessons from launching this project and the biggest one is giving myself space to evolve and see God move in ways I couldn't imagine. God has shown me specific areas He's still pruning away at and He has also revealed that I'm right where He wants me to be.   And it feels so good to just be! To be in God's presence, to walk in faith, and step out of my comfort to be everything that He has called me to be.  God is illuminating His truth and light in my life so that I can help women radiate His love daily, impact their home, biz, and community, and empower them to chase their kingdom calling.

Sheilluminates has taught me to embrace growth and the process.  Four weeks post launch, there are some things I'm loving about the community and there a few things I'll be changing in 2017.  We don't have to be afraid of change, rather give God room to be God.  Change is another opportunity of faith, you will learn more and you will be stretched more.  But it prepares you for the next assignment.  I wake up everyday excited about what God is doing through sheilluminates and there are so many future launches ahead of me.  One thing for sure, I’m not scared…..

launch on baby…launch on!

What lessons have you learned from operating in obedience?  What would your life look/feel like if you'd just "show up" anyway?