Tell Satan to "Mind Yo Business!" + 3 Tips to Shift Your Mindset

Struggle with a negative mindset?  Tell Satan to mind his business with these 3 tips to shift your perspective, attitude, and actions! | | Helping women infuse faith in their purposes, lifestyles, and dreams through 1:1 heart-stretching mentoring and creative spiritual resources.

The mind -- the playground of Satan!  It is here where he is on a mission to kill, steal, and destroy. Let's take a second and think about the magnitude of the impact that Satan's tactics have.  Your mind is the hub of your thoughts, dreams, desires, plans, etc. and from there they flow into your speech.  You start to speak your dreams into the atmosphere, you voice your plans/desires out loud, and you share your thoughts and concerns with others.  And from there, you begin to take action!  So if Satan, can control and infuse your thoughts with lies, negativity, confusion, and doubt, then the only outcome for your thoughts, speech, and actions is defeat. 

You....yes YOU...have been called to live an life full of abundance, to embrace the calling and purpose on your life, and to chase after the dreams and desires that God has set ablaze in your heart!  So the question is, will you allow Satan to keep you bounded in all of his foolishness?  It's time to tell Satan to "MIND YO BUSINESS" and get out your head!  


When your mind starts to go into overload and you sense a change in your emotions (overwhelmed, frustrated, doubtful, or fearful -- because you know those aren't of God), check those emotions and allow yourself space to process them for what they are.  You're human right? Give yourself room to recognize the shift and to digest the feeling. [This doesn't mean to linger in your emotions] When you start to develop a habit of emotional awareness, you can learn your triggers and breakdown the strongholds that may surface.  It's all about resisting the enemy's attack on your mindset and taking back control!


Call Satan's bluff with God's truth!  Now that you're aware of your emotions and mental triggers, bounce them off of scripture and declare to Satan that his lies will no longer defeat you. Activate your belief and stand in God's truth knowing that He will renew your mind, His word will go forth as He promised, and that the victory has ALREADY been won through Jesus Christ.  Know your true identity and worth in God, lean on His promises, and walk daily knowing that your blessings and overflow are on the way. Satan doesn't want to deal with a woman with a strategy! [Like I said, MIND YO BUSINESS SATAN!]


Okay -- so your emotions are in check, you're armed and ready with God's word, and now it's time to refresh your atmosphere!  You may not have control over the circumstance in your life, but you do have control over how you RESPOND.  Your response to your emotions and activating your belief will transform your atmosphere for yourself and others.  Speak into your atmosphere as if it was -- speak how you want to feel and the emotions your want to experience.  Speak God's promises out loud and claim them for yourself and others.  God wants you to fully tap into the power of belief friend.  When you do, you will experience an amazing shift in your atmosphere, attitude, and your heart. 


Put Satan in his place by checking him at the front door (your mind) and with these 3 strategic tips, you will be able to shift your mindset and keep your focus on God. Satan may be lurking, but he will no longer keep you from experiencing "the More" that God has called you to.  It's time to take the battle to Satan and take back control of your mind!  

If you find that you need help putting these tips into action and could benefit from 1:1 heart-stretching mentoring, let's chat about The Shift 21 mentoring session.  Here's to manifesting a mindset change for clarity and direction!

What way do you shift your mindset?  Would love to hear your tip below!