Fueling Your Faith Journey...Why It's Important!

Fueling your faith journey is key to cultivating divine seeds in your life!  | www.chamelevans.com

Hey Hey April!  It's Spring and the season of new things and growth.  While working through my powersheets, I've been spending some time thinking about what seeds I want to cultivate in my life to continue to grow in my faith journey.  As I started to journal my thoughts, I found that many times I can be resistant to change or spend way to much time analyzing the pros and cons of the change.  Why is that?  What I found was that I still struggled with being obedient. The truth that was revealed to me is that we can't cultivate God's seeds in our lives without giving Him FULL OBEDIENCE.  Planting seeds on hard rock isn't going to work, we need faith fuel for divine growth!

See our faith journeys are about the pruning and shifting in our lives that allows us to develop fertile ground so that God's seeds can take root.  According to Matthew 13, you don't want your seeds to be washed away due to shallow soil or have your life so busy and full that the seeds can't receive God's light and your daily watering.

So throughout the month of April, it is my goal to share some valuable and actionable methods and tips on how you can ignite your heart to chase God's abundance that will fuel your purpose, lifestyle, and dreams. 

Why fueling your faith journey is important?


Fuel such as prayer, studying of the word, and worshiping God, all help to provide support and stability for your core - your faith core to be exact.  Just as physical exercise for your core is important to keep all other body parts in alignment and supported, your faith core has to be developed and spiritual exercises are needed as fuel to strengthen your daily faith walk.  We must remember that the enemy is always lurking to keep your seeds from sprouting so a strong core will help you to withstand his attacks and move forward faithfully trusting God's plans.  A stronger faith core will lead to a life filled with more peace and joy. 


God has called you to be an amazing woman of faith and with that comes the power of influence.  God's influence on your life is key to shaping your heart to reflect His love and light.  With that same illumination, God wants you to pour back into the relationships that He has given you.  Whether that's being a loving and providing for your family, encouraging family and friends, investing your gifts and talents to help others be their best, God is cultivating, fueling, and igniting your heart to serve and help those under your influence.  We were created to do life together, celebrate one another, and lift each other to fully embrace our faith journeys. When God fuels you, you fuel others, a win-win!


Will you be willing to put in the work, the necessary fuel so that God can bless you abundantly?

[The benefits are thirty, sixty,and even a hundred times as much has been planted - yea...i want that!]