Confessions of a Kingdompreneur: Rest to Refocus

Confessions of a Kingdompreneur - implementing rest to refocus |

Hey Hey Friend! It's Chamel here and I'm back.  It's been a bit since I've shared some heart-to-heart in this space and you've probably been wondering where has this girl been.  Running a business takes a lot of work and my roles as a wife and mom, it can be a bit tough to be all things at all times.  Here's what I've learned in my business, blogging around the clock isn't for me!  (Oh no she didn't...entrepreneurs are suppose to blog around the clock.) LOL Yep, I allowed myself to believe the so called hype of the industry and my vision when I re-launched back in January was to commit to blogging 1-2 per week...not so bad right? Sike -- I would love to be able to sit down and blog non stop and grow this little space instantaneously, but come on...that's just not real.  Even for those women not juggling being a wife or mom, Rome simply wasn't built overnight.

My confession: I don't have time to blog around the clock, spend time with the hubby, run behind the kids, and everything else in between.  And I'm not going to lose my sanity trying to follow the trends of the biz industry... it's for the birds! (at least this birdy) lol

Okay, let me clarify that blogging is a great tool to grow your business and influence your target audience.  However, what I have experienced in these last few years of business is the pressure that's but on entrepreneurs to be and do EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.  Maybe it's on social media or mailing lists for some others, but for me I thought I needed to follow the trend to blog around the clock.  Consistency is great, but at the cost of pressure, anxiety, and heart-less content....let's just say it isn't for me! Plus, the pressure was causing lack of focus and drive.  I love pouring out into my little online space, but I desire to be intentional with my time and efforts. 

So I turned my attention to removing the chaos in my life and creating margin to step back and rest in the presence of God -- embracing the present to refocus on what God had for me.  What I did learn from my period of rest is that I want to speak and share as the Holy Spirit guides and when my heart is in tune to do so.  No schedule, comparison, or pressure.


Resting also allowed room to refocus and gain clarity on pin pointing my target audience and how I can be more intentional in speaking directly to them.  When you first start out as an entrepreneur, you try to speak to everyone, but you can't.  You have to spend some time getting down to the nitty gritty and figuring out who is that one person you need to help and support. For me, that's helping the wife, mom, creative and entrepreneur who seems to be all over the place running ragged and feeling guilty that she's not living up to the worldly persona of "superwoman" -- just striving and chasing perfection.  Seriously, like out there trying to be all things to all people at all times.  

I'm thankful for the opportunity to confess and share that I too have worn the cape that wasn't intended for me.  God has blessed me to walk out His calling as a kingdompreneur and moving forward in this second half of the year, I'm focusing on changing the hearts, attitudes, and atmospheres of women of faith and influence. Through faith-infused mentoring and resources, I will help women live vibrant and balanced lives that feel at home with God while illuminating their own power of influence.

There is favor, peace, and clarity when we rest in the Lord.  He is calling me to be intentional and strategic in impacting the Kingdom and I'm looking forward to all that He has planned.  Here's to resting to refocus!


Your turn to confess:  What have you learned in the first half of the year that's helping you to be a better woman of faith and influence?  Let's chat below.