The Faith Fuel Box - Christian & Inspirational Gift Box


Today is the day!  The third edition of the Faith Fuel Box and since it's launch in April, it has truly been a blessing to see God fuse my love to encourage with all things pretty and inspirational.  I know that there are a lot of amazing gift boxes out there, but I wanted to create something that spoke to the hearts of women juggling the world and offering them little glimpses of God's love and hope to walk boldly and courageously in their positions as a women of faith and influence. The Faith Fuel box is my little gift to help women fill their lives with reminders of God.

This is what I know to be true.  We weren’t made to count down the days until the next exciting thing or just survive until our heads finally hit the pillow, but we were meant to conquer each day with the word of God. We were made to come fully alive in His love as we chase after our calling and heart’s desires.  The Faith Fuel Box does just that - helping women stay inspired and empowered by God’s truth, love, and encouragement.  It’s about meeting women right where they are, even if it’s at their door steps.   Amazing fuel for their faith journeys!

April's Faith Fuel Box

June's Faith Fuel Box with Honey & Grace

August's Faith Fuel Box

Not only does the box provide encouragement for one's faith journey, a portion of each box sold will help provide #faithfuelpacks to mothers of preemies at local NICUs in Nashville, TN.  These packets are fuel for moms patiently caring and praying over their little miracles. I once was there as a mom of a former 25 weeker, and just a glimpse of God's light can change lives.  In addition, the Faith Fuel box has been an amazing opportunity to collaborate and share the products of other faith inspired businesses and ministries like Valerie Wieners-Massie and Lauren Black of Honey & Grace

I'm excited for what God has planned for the Faith Fuel Box and as the Holy Spirit shares the bi-monthly theme for each box, it is pretty amazing to see how God moves and bring the vision into fruition.  It's only been three editions thus far, and I must say that the response and testimonies have been so heart warming.  I always share that if God's work through me only touches one life, I have done the work of my Father.  I'm expecting greater for the Faith Fuel Box -- great products, more collaborations, and many more lives inspired to live victoriously. 

Here's to fueling the hearts of women for an amazing faith journey! - Chamel