Guest Post: Stop The Insanity....You Are Not Superwoman!

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Got superwoman syndrome? Got an “S” on your chest? You can do it all Ms. Independent? Gurrlll Puhhhleeeaaaasssseeee. Stop it right now because you are going to send yourself to an early grave with all that foolishness. We are not superwomen. Anything we accomplish is by the grace of God and nothing that we can do by ourselves.

We must remember that the only person that is equipped to handle any and everything is Jesus Christ and we are not HIM…striving to be like him yes, but not him. Ladies, we have got to stop with this dangerous mentality. It is rooted in pride…..and we all know what the Bible has to say about pride (Proverbs 16:18, Proverbs 18:12, Proverbs 29:23). It is pride that tells us that we can handle everything (Truth: we cannot), that we can do everything (Truth: we cannot), that we are everything (Truth: we are not). Pride is pushing us towards a life of burnout, disease, and mental health issues (see my earlier article on mental health). And for what…the praise of people, the admiration of others, the sympathy and pity of other, or the feeling that we are doing things by ourselves.

 It’s all a lie and a sham…..We all need someone, encouragement, and help in this life. It does not make you weak, lazy, helpless or dependent when you need to reach out. It makes you HUMAN. You cannot be everything to everybody. You will run yourself ragged and your body will feel the results thereof. 

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