Let Go & Let Flow :: Learning to Get Out of God's Way

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Let me just be honest with you -  I have mentally been stuck overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings and emotions this summer. Asking myself "what am I suppose to be doing?" and "why I'm feeling all over the place?"

But what I've been doing is trying to hold on to every single idea of what I perceive my life to be.  Did you catch that?  What I ...... perceived!

I felt the Holy Spirit whispering "Chamel you have to let it all go and trust God!"  As much as I've been thinking I've been letting go --- in all honesty, I haven't. (And God wants 100%)  Yea, I'll put it down here and there and find myself picking things back up when God didn't say move.  And in doing so, I brought on this self-inflicted emotional pain and frustration.  A place that God never intended for me to be but He was desiring for me to operate from a place of grace and to fully trust Him in EVERY area of my life.

Our human instincts make us feel the need to cling to what we perceive is ours or to constantly be in motion towards every single task on our checklists, goal sheets, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe in living intentionally, but God has also been revealing to me that it also takes balance where He wants us to create boundaries and margins to simply "just be".

So I've been spending these last few months pushing pause to ask and hear from God about what He would have for me to focus on in this season.  I have to admit that I have my laundry list of things I desire and I've gotten pretty clingy to them as well.  Basically saying "Lord bless these things or allow this or that to happen!"  Been there ... right?  But where's the room for God to be God when we operate from that space of  "Me Me Me".  That's when we have to push pause and reset ourselves and get in the presence of God -- truly seeking His face and what He has for us.

Guess what friend?  It's all a process and it takes time. (REPEAT -- IT TAKES TIME)  But little by little, I'm learning to get myself right out the way, staying rooted in God's trust and walking out His will for me daily.  It's all about surrendering -- letting go.  Letting go of what we desire shouldn't become this idea of negativity or bring on this pity party attitude because we can't have things our way.  However, we should trust God's word which shares in Psalm 37:4 to "delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."  

It's not about OUR WILL, it's about following Christ, mirroring His character, aligning to His will, and walking out His calling DAILY!  And guess what?  When you surrender to His ways, your heart, attitude, and atmosphere shifts.  He changes you and your desires are transformed into His desires.

Now look at that -- Glory to God!  See it's not magical girl, it's spiritual!

And it all begins when we learn to let go and let God flow.  It's allowing God to weave every single thread in our lives into His beautiful tapestry.  It's also about His grace flowing in and through us.  Overflow I like to describe it!  So tell me, who wouldn't want to be in on that!  Finally, let me ask you, how would life be if you let go and let God flow?  What would you be willing to release so that God can overflow in your life?

I'll be the first to admit that it's not going to always be easy and it's not going to be comfortable, but what I can tell you from my personal journey is that EVERYTHING that God has done, is doing, and will do is FAR GREATER then anything that I could ever desire.  And you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way.

So today, I invite you to stand with me as we declare that we will surrender IT ALL and LET GO & LET GOD FLOW!

Do you have trouble with letting go and need support on your journey?  

Friend you're not alone.  Simply contact me below and let's jumpstart this new

season of letting go and trusting God together!