Braylon's 5th Birthday/Graduation: Part 1

My family and I have been very busy in May celebrating graduations and birthdays!  We had so much fun that I had to break it up into two posts....hope you enjoy part 1.
We started out by traveling to Auburn, AL to celebrate my sister Glenda's graduation from Auburn with a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and she will be further her education there to obtain a PhD. Next we celebrated my cousin Courtney's 30th birthday with an 80's theme birthday celebration.  As you can see below we had a blast dressing up and going back into the 80's....from costumes, food, music, and so much more!  Even my son Braylon got in on the action and he was no where around at the time....LOL  My husband Marcus dressed as Mr. T with little T by his side.  My sister Glenda went as Denise Huxtable from the Cosby Show and of course I can't forget about myself...Ms. Punky Brewster.  I loved Punky Brewster when I was little and wanted to pull of her fun look!  After the fun birthday celebration, we traveled to Jackson, MS to celebrate my sister Adrian's graduation from The University of Mississippi Medical Center with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.  I am so proud of my younger sisters for being determined and working hard to succeed.  Our family is truly blessed!

Celebrations continued with Braylon's graduation from Pre-K!  Braylon has grown and learned so much in the last year and we are so thankful to the Hermitage United Methodist (HUM) School and his teacher Mrs. Billie.  We had a great time even though my little man wanted to be shy in front of everyone!  I was filled with so many emotions because my little baby is growing up and off to Kindergarten in the fall.  Time is going by so fast but I look forward to the future adventures to come.  Especially since Braylon announced that he wanted to be a scientist...look out world!

Braylon receiving diploma, Singing with classmates, Hanging out with good friend Colton, and Braylon's Pre-K teacher Mrs. Billie
Braylon with Dad & Mom, Family support, Braylon with Aunt Chantel, and Braylon with Papa