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Gift Truth This Mother's Day - The Faith Source Shop

Hey Hey Friends!  Super excited to share that I've re-opened my shop - THE FAITH SOURCE SHOP.  When I first started this journey in 2012, I was solely sewing and making products (branded under Chamel's Creations) showcasing scripture and inspiration to help women wear and share their faith.  And over time, God has grown me and my brand to include mentoring women and creating Biblical infused resources to help them grow in their faith journey.  Truly blessed to be walking out my purpose!

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The Faith Fuel Box - Christian & Inspirational Gift Box

Today is the day!  The third edition of the Faith Fuel Box and since it's launch in April, it has truly been a blessing to see God fuse my love to encourage with all things pretty and inspirational.  I know that there are a lot of amazing gift boxes out there, but I wanted to create something that spoke to the hearts of women juggling the world and offering them little glimpses of God's love and hope to walk boldly and courageously in their positions as a women of faith and influence. The Faith Fuel box is my little gift to help women fill their lives with reminders of God.

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