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Why Spiritual Fitness is so Important?

Are those faith core muscles tight? Friend, it's probably safe to say that you've had your ups, downs, and some plateaus on your spiritual journey with some moments mixed with joy, peace, resistance, and stagnation.  That's all part of the journey.  You are learning how to let go of your ways, thoughts, and actions to align with the will of God.  Day by day, He is molding you to be an amazing woman of faith and with that comes obedience and cultivating your relationship with Him.

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5 Minutes with Jesus - Philippians 4:6

Carving out time in our daily schedule can be hard but not impossible.  For me, when I don't get my quality time in with God, the rest of my day is tough! As w're running on fumes, the enemy sits waiting to run havoc in our lives causing us to be anxious, overwhelmed, and simply all over the place.  Been there?  I sure have .. left feeling drained, stuck, and stagnated.  

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5 Minutes with Jesus (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Video series "5 minutes with Jesus" will help you walk out God's truth one scripture at a time.  Truth and empowerment for your faith journey.  I know that life gets super busy for us as we're working long hours, trying to cover all the bases on the Homefront, maybe chasing the kiddos, or pursing our dreams in the small spaces we can squeeze in. The HUSTLE is real my friends!

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